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Addiction Recovery Books by Brad Lamm, CIP

Your courage to learn more about addiction, addiction recovery and how to help others you may know who are struggling is admirable; without sharing knowledge, we are all grasping in the dark for a light switch. I can tell you truthfully that if it was not for the Intervention that happened to me, I would probably be dead. That was the direction I was headed. At the time, I was considered successful by all material standards. In secret, however, I was drinking, smoking, overeating and abusing drugs.

When my friends sat me down and told me that they were afraid that I was actually trying to kill myself, I have to admit that I did not take them seriously (I thought their newfound “interest” in my “sins” would pass) and fully expected them to give up on me and just go away — they didn’t. This may be why I am alive today.

These addiction recovery books I’ve written are experience and science on the page – are intended to share with you what I have learned up to the time they were written. We can and do change – and best do that with the help of others. I love the idea: I WAS IN A HOLE. I LEARNED ABOUT HOLES AND FOUND A WAY TO CLIMB OUT. LET ME SHOW YOU HOW.

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How To Help the One You Love517J5zqVnML._SX333_BO1,204,203,200_

“As a thorough guide to helping substance abusers find help, this makes a valuable addition to the self-help shelves.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

A powerful, groundbreaking book that shows you, in concrete steps, how to help a loved one stop from engaging in self-destructive behavior.

Is your husband drinking himself to death? Is your brother losing it all to gambling? Do you need to get your kid off drugs before it’s too late? Or make your spendthrift sister stop maxing out her credit cards? Get your best friend out of an abusive relationship?

If you’re tired of watching your spouse, child, relative, or friend go downhill, dragging you with them, How to Help the One You Love will help you turn their lives around. You don’t have to endure behavior that is unhealthy, abusive, or even deadly. You can break down the great myths around change—and help them change for good.

Just 10 LBS51LVZ5N+E6L._SX347_BO1,204,203,200_

In Just 10 LBS, intervention specialist Brad Lamm brings a fresh eye to weight loss, focusing not on the what of eating, but on the how and why. As a companion piece to The Dr. Oz Show’s major, year-long initiative to change the health of America, this book discards the notion of overhauling life with the vague dream of being thin and challenges the reader to focus on losing just 10 pounds.

What Lamm understands is that managing weight isn’t just about doing crunches, running miles, or cutting calories; in fact, one of the most powerful parts of success is generally overlooked—a healthy relationship with oneself is key to any weight-loss program.

In Just 10 LBS, Lamm outlines ten easy steps to help readers heal their relationship with themselves and thus change their relationship with food, breaking destructive cycles of disordered and unhealthy eating. Covering everything from body image to restrictive beliefs to developing a quiet, focusing daily practice, Lamm discusses all aspects of the emotional and self-esteem issues surrounding weight and food.

And he puts them together into a 10-step program that begins with identifying your eating style—emotional eater, pleasure eater, energy eater, external eater, or critical eater—and ends with a discussion on the importance of “paying it forward,” or giving back the gifts you’ve gotten. Also included is an action-oriented 30-day plan to help readers get a jump start on their weight-loss efforts.

The effective, easy-to-follow steps in Just 10 LBS will help readers reclaim their power over food; open emotional blockages that clutter their lives; and create a lifestyle that emphasizes the mind, body, emotions, relationships, and spirit.
Available in hardback and paperback, CD-audio set, Kindle edition and Audible Audio Edition.

41FWGcy6u0LStop It: 4 Steps in 4 Weeks to Quit Smoking

“Brad has become a Bodhisattva who goes back into the perils he left behind to show others the way out. Brad can help you navigate the way to truth, love, and healing.” —Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Color Purple

“I have seen with my own eyes just how effective Brad and his program can be.” —Mehmet Oz, M.D.

I wrote Stop It to help you do what I’ve helped so many thousands of others do: quit smoking, and breathe. Just give me 4 Weeks to take you through these 4 Steps and you will quit. We PLAN YOUR QUIT, PROCESS OUR QUIT, DETOX YOUR QUIT and then on DAY 7, QUIT. Just like that. Many of the nation’s leading alcohol and drug rehabs use Stop It with patients to great success.

“My daughter became hooked on pain medicine not long after she had surgery from a car accident. We noticed how much she was changing, but we had no idea what the cause was until we found empty pill bottles at her apartment.

When things starting getting out of hand, we reached out to TAP for help. Their counselors were very supportive, friendly, and caring, right from the first phone call.

Today, my daughter is drug free and back to the productive life she had before her car accident. We highly recommend this service.”LH, NEW YORK

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